Seize control of the chaos

The intelligent executable for today’s e-discovery

Using iSeekDiscovery, your legal and IT departments can run fully-processed
worldwide client searches without human involvement whatsoever.

Able to search every byte of your local device or cloud, iSeekDiscovery is a whiz
at finding elusive ESI. (The patented tool = your company’s salvation when there’s data that must be found.)

Tap – Tap – Tap (Search terms and phrases.)
Click – Click – Click (Date range and file types.)
Drag and Click (Execute iSeekDiscovery. )

. . . And the search is on!

Now that’s a smart tool.

Want to be the Cutting Edger at your company?


6 Reasons
(P.S. There are many more!)


iSeekDiscovery meets your needs:

Intelligent Data Gathering

Capture specific digital evidence results through
iSeekDiscovery’s self-directed investigations.

Secure Results

Rest assured knowing iSeekDiscovery’s search
results are stored in fully-encrypted output files.

Different Run Methods

Implement ISeekDiscovery through a
thumb drive, shared folder, login script or email.

Unrestricted Review

Review responsive content within iSeekExplorer,
or export results to your favorite review tool.


Why pay for non-responsive content?

Leverage iSeekDiscovery to preserve and collect specific digital evidence. With more accurate and comprehensive search results, you can identify key documents faster and control e-discovery costs.

Additional Features

Password Protected Containers

Flexible Sharing Options

Remote Accessibility

Global Reach

Software Uses

Civil Discovery

Legal Holds

Preservation Orders

Safe Harbor

Meet & Confer



Discovery in minutes or hours.  Not days.  (Really.)

Digital archiving free of charge until time of review

Detailed metadata securely stored with captured content

Disruption-free and detection-free internal auditing

Data protection through 100% secure encryption

Deleted or misplaced documents now easy to find

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