(Patent  Number:  US 8392706 B2)

The Patented Process

iSeekDiscovery, a patented technology, gives you the power to rapidly and intelligently identify and collect the data you need, eliminating costly and burdensome low value content. Here’s how:

1. Define your search with iSeekDesigner:

Define the search parameters that will be applied to the ESI data population using iSeekDesigner. The configuration file you create will inform the executable where to search for responsive content: in files, emails and/or archives. You can further narrow your search criteria by not only keywords but also whole phrases, specific date ranges, file or email types, and other relevant categories.

2. Run the search with iSeek.exe:

Once deployed, iSeekDiscovery’s intelligent executable does real-time searching without your human involvement and without the need for indexing. Designed with full use of parallel-processing, it plows through mountains of data in record time and still finds even the most elusive datum needed. iSeekDiscovery automatically stores all positive results in an encrypted e-container which it sends to the email or cloud locations you’ve listed in your configuration file.

3. Review results with iSeekExplorer, or export results for review in Relativity*:

Use the reviewer to examine the results in-depth for responsive information. iSeekExplorer enables you to:

• View hundreds of file types
• Search within results using two search engines and a built-in email search feature
• Tag specific objects
• Create Adobe-formatted reports
• Create encrypted data containers for later review

Asterisk A sample API client, iSeekExtractor, is included with iSeekAPI for easy export to Relativity or other 3rd party review tools. iSeekAPI, however, is completely customizable, allowing programmatic access to captured content.
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