Ready to say goodbye to indexing?  Ready to take control of legal discovery costs?

iSeekDiscovery uses patented technology for intelligent data searching


    • Runs without indexing
    • Searches all drives and network shares
    • Runs without installation
    • No dongles
    • Defensible and verifiable data collection
    • Fast search engine featuring parallel processing
    • Searches documents, spreadsheets, e-mail, archives, and more
    • Produces 256 AES encrypted, password-protected output stores
    • Includes a review tool, ISeekExplorer
    • Able to export responsive content to Relativity or other review tools
    • Automatic file inclusions and exclusions
    • Captures metadata on all files collected
    • De-Nisting is eliminated

iSeekDiscovery significantly reduces turnaround time by searching in real-time
and only collecting what you’ve told it to find!

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